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6 Signs You Might Get the Job

A job interview can be a stressful experience. However, the aftermath isn’t necessarily any easier. Whether you’re desperate for a paycheck or are eager to embark on a new career opportunity, even a day may seem too long to hear back about whether you landed the job!

Fortunately, while the job isn’t yours until you’ve received and accepted an offer, there are several signs that suggest you’ll soon be earning a paycheck from a new employer. Here are six signs that you might get the job.

1. Long Interview

If you had to cancel your dinner plans because you got out of your interview so late, you probably impressed the interviewer. After all, he probably wouldn’t have spent so much time with you if he wasn’t interested in moving forward.

2. Positive Body Language

Certain forms of body language from an interviewer signal success during an interview. These include:

  • Leaning forward
  • Mimicking your body language
  • Nodding

So if the interviewer nodded at everything you said and mimicked your body language, your interview probably went well, which can only improve your odds of getting the job.

3. You Met Everyone

Just as an interviewer may be too busy to spend a lot of time interviewing candidates he’s not interested in, he probably won’t have you meet with everyone, or perhaps anyone, if he’s decided not to move forward. After all, he may have other candidates to interview or a pile of other work on his desk. So if you were introduced to everyone at the company or it just seemed that way, you probably did something right.

4. Questions about Availability

“How soon can you start working if you’re offered the job?”

Consider a situation in which you’re asked the above question. It probably means that the interviewer remains interested in you as a candidate. After all, if he already knows he won’t hire you, he would have no reason to care whether you are available to start immediately or a month from now.

5. Salary Discussions

If a hiring manager discussed salary with you, this is a great sign. After all, if he wasn’t considering hiring you, he almost certainly would not be interested in discussing compensation.

For example, suppose the hiring manager asked about your desired compensation. This information would not have been necessary if there was no chance his company would make you an offer.

6. Reference Check

A reference check is typically conducted late in the hiring process. In other words, you’re probably under serious consideration for the job if an employer is checking your references. So if an employer says it will check your references or your former coworker calls to tell you he just got off the phone with the company you interviewed with, an offer may be forthcoming.

The Bottom Line

While there’s no way you can be certain a job offer is forthcoming, certain signs suggest you might get one. Keep the mentioned items in mind as you search for your next opportunity as you may earn a paycheck from a new employer soon if you experience any of these!

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